Women, Health, and #Whole30

It’s March!!

I am excited about the content that I will be writing about this month because it is centered around HEALTH and WOMEN.

For those of you who don’t know, it is Women’s History Month. So once a week for the next month, I will give you a little history on women. We are pretty amazing and there is so much wisdom to gain from each other.

So here you will find tips, advice, quotes, scriptures, and articles pertaining to women. All things to help you become a better woman and more knowledgeable about our history.

In regards to health, I have started the #Whole30 Challenge. I have given up Grains, Dairy, Sugar, Legumes, and Alcohol for 30 days. As I continue this journey, I will keep you updated on how I am feeling and coping with this challenge. I will also keep you in the loop on what I am learning about health and how it is changing my lifestyle and relationship with food.

March is turning out to be all about self-discovery and lifestyle changes to improve on the woman I am becoming.

Please respond and comment throughout the month. Your encouragement on the Whole30 will be much appreciated and I would love to hear your thoughts on this month celebrating women.

Stay tuned….



2014 Bucket List

Instead of having resolutions, I decided that I would make a bucket list and a goal list for 2014. Yes, they are two separate different ideas. So…Here is my bucket list for the year!

1. Ice Skating
2. Visit All The Monuments
3. Purchase A Macbook
4. Create My Own Devotional
5. Take 3 International Trips
6. Make 20 DIY Projects
7. Create a New Style
8. Pick up 2 New Hobbies
9. Create a Blogging Challenge for A Month
10. Learn 15 New Recipes
11. Create 5 Cupcake Recipes of My Own
12. Launch My Business Website
13. Take A Roadtrip
14. Become A Mentor
15. Learn A New Marketable Skill

and I am sure that more will come!

What will you do in 2014???


For many years MLK day has just been a day off from school or potentially from work. I never really did anything “cultural” on this day. I might recite a speech given to me at church or school but never really dug it to what the day truly meant to me.

At 25, it is sad to say that I am still figuring out what it means to me. Of course there are feelings of appreciation and respect, but on a deeper level….I haven’t quite worked out my feelings.

In your twenties it is so important for you to develop your own opinions and perspective….
So this is something that will be added to my 2014 conquer list!

Here is to learning Jasmine in 2014!


What’s Your Sentence?

Eliot read this book by Daniel Pink about two years ago and it really transformed the way he thinks of motivation. He continued to quiz me on the book and it peaked my interest. So, on my journey of self-discovery and motivation, I started paying attention to Daniel Pink and some of the other books that he has written.
One day I was on the OWN website and found a video in the archives from Super Soul Sunday (a TV program on Sunday mornings where Oprah talks to different people about purpose and deeper meanings of life) where Oprah was speaking to Daniel Pink about his sentence. It was intriguing to me because I have been saying for the past year or so that I want to make an impact on people. In all aspects of my life, I want to be impactful. In the beginning it was about making impressions but over time I learned that impressions can go away. When you impact somethng it leaves a mark. This is what I set out to do.

This was in total alignment with what Daniel Pink was challenging people to do.

In his challenge he talks about how Clare Booth Luce (One of the first women to serve in U.S. Congress), told him that “a great man is one sentence.”

Look at these:
~Abraham Lincoln’s sentence: “He preserved the union and freed the slaves.”

~Franklin Roosevelt’s sentence: “He lifted us out of a great depression and helped us win a world war.”

These men’s sentences were powerful and impactful. They were focused and they left a great legacy behind them.

At the end of 2013, I found my sentence.

Though hardships and obstacle occurred, she didn’t allow them to deter her dreams.

What is your sentence? How will you make steps in 2014 to help you live up to it?


Happy Anniversary to Me!

So today is my anniversary with WordPress.

One year ago I was determined to step outside of my box and share my voice with the world. It was scary but well worth the leap of faith that it took. At first, I didn’t really consider January 14, 2013 as my start day but in reality, it was. That was the day I did the research on blogging. That was the day that I stumbled upon Molly’s blog again and was determined to do the same. Fuel someone else to want to step outside of their comfort zone. Give someone the inspiration to build a new relationship, find a new job, tackle life issues, navigate through financial difficulty, and really just to navigate through life. Especially, the twenties. It is a time of such uncertainty and as women, we need all the help we can get!

With all that said, I am just happy to have started this journey. I am happy that I have made some amazing friends along the way. I am happy that this has uncovered things that I didn’t know I enjoyed. It has given me a new perspective on life. It has been therapeutic and allowed me to begin the cleanse of certain emotions, that was and is much needed.

So blogging world and WordPress, Thank you for welcoming me in and here’s to many more anniversaries in our relationship!